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The purpose of the trip was to visit the pastors supported by IMM USA in Bolivia, to encourage them and share fellowship with them, and do fact finding.  Also interviews were carried out to record testimonies to the ongoing work of Christ in miners’ lives.

We visited several churches, the first one being at Amayapampa, where there is a relatively new gold mine, and where a celebration weekend with people from over 20 congregations was taking place.  As part of the morning worship I spoke on Christian Stewardship with translation into Spanish and Quechua, the local language. 

The next day we had lunch with Andres and his wife Elma, a delightful couple.  He looks after over 20 churches!  In the afternoon we went with Eugenio, another pastor, to interview a miner and his wife.  M is a miner who became a Christian about 6 months previously.  M, his wife was already a Christian believer.  It was wonderful to see them each holding a Bible, one in Spanish and one in Quechua, the local language.

The next day in the evening we visited a small church in one of the poorest areas of Bolivia. Preaching here involved translation, again into Spanish and then into Quechua.  Here, as at all the churches we visited, we were given a very warm welcome.  After the service we were provided with a supper of mate de coca (tea made with coca leaves), potatoes and lettuce.  Very tasty!  On our way home the minibus got stuck, temporarily, in a river we were fording.  Travelling the dirt roads of Bolivia does not get boring! 

Overall it was a wonderful visit, seeing the enthusiasm of Christians in difficult circumstances and being greatly blessed with friendship and fellowship.  Praise the Lord.                                                         Ian Dring





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