IMM at work in the Philippines

International Miners Mission (Pacific Rim) representative, Peter Robertson, and his team based in Perth, have established a strong foothold in the Philippines, where there are many mining operations.

The Philippines is made up of many islands, some of them very remote. The IMM are now sponsoring 3 teams of 2 evangelists each to go out to some of the mines. Some of the places visited are difficult to reach, as the roads are not much better than tracks.

IMM (Pacific Rim) have appointed Bishop Dr. Joy Bendoy as the IMM adviser. He undertakes the supervision, coordination, finances and collecting of reports from the 6 evangelists and is frequently on the move round the islands. He has a doctorate in missiology from a U.S. university.

Pastors Jupiter and Roland find often that in the bad weather in the form of heavy rain affects their effectiveness in reaching the mine sites.  Also when visits take place often the men are working at the mine, so only the women and chlidren attend the meetings.  Pastor Roland has been running a course of teaching for the miner's wives about finding wasy to earn extra income for the family.

Pastors Ricardo and Carte found on arrival at one mine they visited in June 2011 that the mother of one of the miners had passed away.  They were able to hold meetings for a number of nights and even provide food for the people who attended the funeral.  The two pastors stayed with the families and they felt comforted, knowing that they are truly cared for by the living God.

Pastors Wenceslao and Salvador made two visits to a mine in July 2011 and there were some 6 to 8 miners contacted.  Indeed a meeting was held with 15 people present, but again shift work makes it difficult sometimes for all the miners to attend.  The mine owner asks that the pastors give advance warning of their visits as he also wishes to be present.  Indeed he says that he is planning to build a small meeting room for the Bible study to take place for all the miners.




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