IMM at work in Sierra Leone

Only 10 years ago Sierra Leone was involved in a brutal civil war.

Much of the funding for the war was due to the illegal trading in diamonds and of course the miners became seriously involved, often under duress. Fortunately better times have now returned. One of the main diamond mining areas is to be found in Tongo Fields where it is estimated that some 20,000 people are currently involved in one way of the other in working in diamond mining to earn a living. Until the end of the civil war there were no evangelical Christian churches in this part of the country.

Through the kind offices of the then local UFM missionaries, Mike and Vi Webb, Evangelist Dennis Mannah was appointed to head up the work of outreach to the mining community in an area that is Muslim-dominated but underneath the even more traditional religion still holds sway. Many miners in Sierra Leone believe that diamonds belong to the demons, so men get involved in cultish devil activities in order to ‘get rich’ by finding diamonds.

A number of church groups have now been established through the ministry of Dennis Manneh and his team. The International Miners’ Mission is working alongside these churches and has provided funding for supplying bicycles and a motorbike for the pastors and evangelists. A special feature of the work has been the sponsoring of Bible training for the pastors and leaders as the church work has grown.


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