IMM at work in Ukraine

Before the demise of the Soviet Union, eastern Ukraine, or the area known as the Donbas, was the major source of coal and steel for the whole Soviet bloc.

However when Ukraine achieved independence in 1991 the market for these products suddenly shrank and the early 1990s were harsh years for the whole country particularly the eastern areas. Many coal mines closed, those that remained open were not well maintained and to-day mining accidents are a constant worry.

Since 2005, IMM has been supporting local churches in the Donetsk region, an area badly polluted and scarred by industrial activity, centred on the town of Enakievo. Here a local Baptist church pastored by a former miner, has a very active young people's work among former and active mining families. IMM helps in this particular work by assisting the leader and sponsoring summer camps. There have been a number of conversions and the young people's meetings are always busy and enthusiastic. North of Enakievo, there are active salt mines and in the town of Artyomovsk another church has been started together with outreach to the community of Golma. IMM works here with the local pastor and again sponsors summer camps for neighbourhood children giving them what is often the only holiday they ever get in a year. The camps are well attended and the children always hear the good news about Jesus as well as having a fun time with their friends.


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